The National ARRL supports many operating events that are fun and challenging to operate. Many lead to awards that can be earned that that give recognition for skills developed by individual operators nationwide, indeed worldwide. Check out the information about these events on the ARRL web site at,

Hawaii ARRL groups sponsor events for Hawaii Hams. Events that recognize the unique situation of our island state. Here's a list of those events,

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The Hawaii QSO Party (HQP)HQP is an HF contest allowing Hawaii hams an opportunity to work hams all over the world in an event where the state of Hawaii is the focus.

"Grid Madness" is a Simplex VHF/UHF contest sponsored by the Aulani Hui Amateur Repeater Club. It is meant to encourage Hawaii hams to practice simplex VHF/UHF operating skills and improve their stations so that they can contact as many grid square locations in Hawaii as possible. Interisland communcation is awarded recognition with higher point scores.